Parents as Partners

"Parental interest is a more potent influence on Children's learning success than parents' educational background, parents' occupation. Parent's cultural background or family income level." [The Parent Factor]Parents can see from the above quote how critical their involvement in their child's school life is. Parents are the first educators and this is not to be forgotten. At St Francis de Sales, parental involvement is encouraged - we see ourselves as equals, as partners in the education of our young people.

The Parents & Friends Association and the School Board at St Francis de Sales are actively involved in the decision making process especially the establishment of goals and policy through a process of discernment.

Parents & Friends Association

The whole purpose of the P & F Association is to provide an organisation at school that allows the principal, the teachers and parents to work together in a community for the benefit of the children. In a Catholic school, we are pursuing Christian values and principles and expect that the school community in which our children are learning and developing is providing a Christian ethos or environment.

One of the roles of parents in this community is that of support to the school and teachers primarily through the effort of the Parents and Friends Association. he Association provides material and physical support to the school.

Activities of the P & F include social and fundraising ventures and working bees. At the monthly P & F meetings parents receive information about school & education in general, as well as contribute in discussion & decision-making.

Parent Communication

Open lines of communication are viewed as being an important part of the school community. Good communication is facilitated in a variety of formal and informal situations such as Parent/Teacher Interviews, school newsletter, progress reports, letters home, P & F meeting and Open Days as well as during a range of school events and functions.


Progress Reporting

Formal progress reports are given at the conclusion of each semester. Parent / Teacher interviews are held during Term 1, but can be initiated by parents or teachers as the need arises. A written report is issued at the end of each semester.


School Newsletter

A school newsletter is compiled and issued on the basis of one per family each Wednesday of the school year. The school newsletter is an important communication link with parents, the parish and others in the local community.